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Based in Hubbard, OH we provide services for sanitary systems including manhole rehabilation systems that help prevent or stop I/I (inflow/infiltration).Products include chimney seals, pipe joint wrap, riser rings, insert dishes, and chemicial groutD. A. Van Dam & Associates, LLC is also proud to offer you products and services for all your storm water rehabilitation needs. Culvert slip lining and spray lining as well as UV cured CIPP are a few of the services that we offer to rehabiliate storm water culverts, sanitary lines and water trasmission lines. From specified products to rehabilitation and/or installations, we can help you solve any of your culvert and storm water problems.


                                                                           D. A. Van Dam & Associates, LLC is pleased to offer cutting edge technology for solving many of the concerns that are present in a storm and sanitary system. Stopping I/I from entering sanitary systems by using chimneys seals, joint wraps and insert dishes will save millions on overall cost as well as maintenance by rehabilitating and preventing failures. By using  trenchless technology methods like slip lining, spray lining or UV Cured CIPP caused less disruption to public transportation and has been a proven method saving time and money. 

About Us:

D. A. Van Dam & Associates, LLC was founded in Nov of 1970 as a sales organization engaged in the sales of PVC pipe products. In the early 1980’s, we embarked on an expansion program which added new infrastructure and municipal product lines to our existing base of products. Now we offer you more than just products.

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